Rhythmic Manifestation Power

Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training Level 2: NR200

Rhythmic Manifestation Power

Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training Level 2: NR200 

Prerequisite: NR100 Elemental Manifestation Wisdom Online or In Person

  • The ability to consciously manifest with the rhythmic cycles of Earth/Wheel of the Year, Water/Moon, Air/Astrological Wheel, Fire/Sun, and Spirit/Yin and Yang. 
  • A personal wholeness integration for each element which transforms your capacity to align with heart-centered sustainable success. 
  • The level two powers of each element activated in a unified field so you can plant the seeds of your manifestation desires in fertile inner soil, increasing your creation capacity.
  • Discover how to effectively clear energy in each of the elemental realms so you can release any blocks and move your manifestations forward. 
  • The ability to apply each elemental Level 2 power to prosper in your life and and business.

“As an Ob-Gyn Physician, I use the natural rhythms of the wheel of the year and the moon almost daily in my professional life. The cycles of initiation and growth followed by rest and renewal are powerful tools for women’s education and empowerment. Whether I’m framing a discussion on PMS or fertility or menopausal symptoms, I find there is wisdom to share in the Natural Rhythms and Elemental teachings.”   

~ Claudia Harsh, MD

Rhythmic Manifestation Power Program Content & Delivery:

The tremendous trainings and activations you receive as part of this program build on the foundation of Elemental Manifestation Wisdom and start with video 55 of the Life Creation 101 series. They are delivered as easy to integrate 3-35 minute videos, plus handouts, and worksheets every 4 days until complete.

Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training 

Elemental Manifestation Wisdom Video Activation Guide Includes…

Earth Rhythmic Cycle
Earth Rhythm Connection
Earth Wholeness Integration
Earth Energetic Clearing Techniques
Earth Level 2 Power
Activation Work with Earth in Creation
Apply Level 2 Earth to your prosperity & business

Water Rhythmic Cycle
Water Rhythm Connection
Water Wholeness Integration
Clearing Your Inner Water Meditation
Water Energetic Clearing Techniques
Water Level 2 Power
Activation Work with Water in Creation
Apply Level 2 Water to your prosperity & business

Air Rhythmic Cycle
Air Rhythm Connection
Air Wholeness Integration
Air Energetic Clearing Techniques
Air Level 2 Power
Activation Work with Air in Creation
Apply Level 2 Fire to your prosperity & business

Fire Rhythmic Cycle
Fire Rhythm Connection
Fire Wholeness Integration
Fire Energetic Clearing Techniques
Fire Level 2 Power
Activation Work with Fire in Creation
Apply Level 2 Fire to your prosperity & business

Spirit Rhythmic Cycle
Spirit Wholeness Feminine Activation
Spirit Wholeness Masculine Activation
Spirit Energetic Clearing Techniques
Spirit Level 2 Power
Spirit Level 2 Unified Field Activation
Activation Work with Spirit in Creation
Integrate Level 2
Apply Level 2 Spirit to your prosperity & business

“The wisdom teachings of the elements have given me a deeper perspective through which to view every aspect of business and life. Through Natural Rhythms I am keenly aware of nature’s timing and my own timing of expansion and contraction. With this understanding I am capable of maximizing every life experience.” 

~ Chantal Debrosse

If you are ready to take your rhythmic manifestation power to the next level…

Pay in full = $77

Pay in Full

Pay over 3 months $29 x 3= $87

Pay Over Time

“Although the elements were in my awareness, activating them as sentient partners through my studies with Natural Rhythms continues to be the most influential awakening of my life.  As a mindful entrepreneur and message mentor, it has meant adding five powerful advisers to my team to better assist my clients.  And it has brought me five immutable friends who remind me to flow, focus, shift, and savor.”  

~Jana L. Jopson