Life Design Mastery

Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training Level 3: NR300

Life Design Mastery
Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training Level 3: NR300

Prerequisite: Elemental Manifestation Wisdom Level 1: NR 100 & Rhythmic Manifestation Power Level 2: NR 200

You’ll come away from Life Design Mastery with…
  • Your life design overview to spring board you into powerful next steps.
  • A deeper connection to trusting your inner guidance, intuition and higher self.
  • A greater understanding of what fulfills you in life so you can guide your future effectively. 
  • More clarity around your life purpose and mission from which to call forth your creations.
  • How to elementally support yourself through a creation growing curve to get better manifestation results.
  • How to align with Spirit in your planning to co-create the life of your dreams.

Plus at this level of your online training you’ll also receive an additional training “Elementally Activate Your Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix.”

“Life Creation 101 has opened up so many deep insights into working with the elements. I have connected at a profound level with the sacred power of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I work with the elements in astrology; however, Natural Rhythms elemental world has expanded my understanding of the mystery and wisdom of the rhythms of nature. The concepts are also very grounded (Earth) so that I was able to apply the ideas on a very practical level in my business and life.”    ~Alice Scott

Life Design Mastery Program Content & Delivery:

The tremendous trainings and activations you receive as part of this program build on the foundation of Elemental Manifestation Wisdom & Rhythmic Manifestation Power. It begins with where we left off in Level 2 on video 93 of the Life Creation 101 series. They are delivered as easy to integrate 3-35 minute videos, plus handouts, and worksheets.

Life Creation 101 Manifestation Training 

Elemental Manifestation Wisdom Video Activation Guide Includes…

  • Life Design Overview & Life Design Themes
  • Trusting Your Guidance and Intuition
  • Higher Self Connection
  • Feel into the Future and Life Fulfillment
  • Life Purpose and Mission Statement Call Forth Your Creations
  • Calling Your Creations from the Formless Into Form & Tracking, 
  • Needle Movers, Priorities
  • How to Elementally Support Yourself through a Creation Growing Curve 
  • Co-Creation Alignment with Spirit Creation Planning
  • Personal Activation & Integration, Program Integration, & Next Steps

Then you’ll receive the 6 module “Elementally Activate Your Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix.” Discovering how to create a manifestation matrix WILL assist you in MOVING your dreams from the formless into form. You’ll uncover the habits and skills to really make some dramatic progress moving your essence desires into manifest form. The more you know how to work effectively with each element the greater your results.

Come away from Life Design Mastery ready to bring the next level of your life and business dreams into manifest form. Move your design forward with Elementally Activate Your Natural Rhythms Manifestation Matrix. Create the life and business of your dreams with Nature!

The life-altering teachings of Natural Rhythms rekindled the light that had all but gone out in my being. It was through the many connections to the natural world that I came to know, and understand, my life purpose: to help ‘launch’ those who want to reawaken the Passion, Power, and Purpose in their lives. I embarked on a journey that would enable me to aid my clients in reaching their fullest potential and life purpose. It also became a meaningful way to serve my community, and has brought me into the most fulfilling time of my life. It is without reservation that I can state how beautifully my life has unfolded after walking through the doorway to coach and facilitate Natural Rhythms.“ 

~ Bonnie Salamon

If you are ready to take your life design mastery to the next level…

Pay in full = $77

Pay in Full

Pay over 3 months $29 x 3= $87

Pay Over Time

“Although the elements were in my awareness, activating them as sentient partners through my studies with Natural Rhythms continues to be the most influential awakening of my life.  As a mindful entrepreneur and message mentor, it has meant adding five powerful advisers to my team to better assist my clients.  And it has brought me five immutable friends who remind me to flow, focus, shift, and savor.”  ~Jana Jopson