Power Up Your Life Purpose

A 7 module video series designed for you to explore your unique life purpose, contribution, and gifts. Align with your core essence to manifest more abundance and fulfillment.


Elemental Manifestation Wisdom NR100

The Elemental Manifestation Wisdom 100 program series provides the core foundation you need to awaken to consciously manifesting with the elemental forces (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit).


Rhythmic Manifestation Power NR200

In the 200 series, you take your elemental creation powers to the next level and actively begin rhythmic alignment with each element to boost your manifestation power. Prerequisite: NR100.


Life Design Mastery NR300

In the 300 series, you’ll apply all the skills you’ve developed in the 100 and 200 series to consciously design the next level of your life from deeper clarity of your authentic purpose. You’ll fine-tune your intuition and inner guidance.


Activate Your Inner Creation Team

Get ready to discover the unique qualities and challenges your 8 vital inner creation team players bring to your life. Learn how those aspects of your character can work together to generate more prosperity, passion, personal power, joy and ease!


Planetary Alchemy

How the Sacred Alchemy of the Outer Planetary Complexes Impact Your Inner Goddess Power. Prerequisite: Activate Your Inner Creation Team or Activate Your Inner Goddess Creation Power.